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At Venture Designers we believe . . .

  • Innovation and creativity can be incompatible with the classic "business plan" mindset, that epic business novel that attempts to write the complete scripted story, including the climatic ending of scale and profitability as the heroic protagonists head into the sunset . . .
  • Business plans have their place but they need to become live documents that are updated as assumptions are identified and tested and as designs are refined to move an idea from through the three key stages of; desirability (who are the clients an do they want it), feasibility (can we make it) and viability (can we build a profitable business around it).
  • A "one size fits all" approach of using one framework, method or recipe to address a challenge increases risk for our clients who will always have a unique history and context, so we design a bespoke process for our clients to best address their challenge.
  • An iterative approach is needed to find the best solutions, where the learnings from the outputs of one process are input to the design of the next iteration.
  • Change is not possible without working with the humans in the current system to address the challenge. We operate as facilitators, guides and mentors to our clients.
  • We have strong domain expertise to help our clients address their challenges, but will always position our expertise as just one expert voice amongst many, opening space for divergence.

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In summary we are a collection of strategic designers with a focus on business strategy, product and service innovation, operations, business scaling and organisational culture.

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